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What does Indexing mean?


It is a process done by the Universal World Court which supersedes both world Courts in the Hague and Brussels, that officially/legally identifies you as a sovereign individual and creditor in the new financial system. Indexing provides you with Internationally Protected Person status, wherever you may live or travel. Once you become Indexed you will receive an email with your entire Indexed documents for your records. At that time, you are officially Indexed!


What does Indexing do for me?

Besides providing you Internationally Protected Person status, which is like a diplomat, Indexing provides you with protection. This protection is both national and international and you are identified as a non-enemy, non-combatant as well as out of the “system’s” jurisdiction! It also places you under the Bathsheba and Esther Trust as a beneficiary, which was set up to restore and redeem each and every Indexed individual/soul. As a beneficiary of the Trust, you will have $1 billion in store-value-credit in the new quantum financial system. These Trusts and this indexing process has been established to save humanity throughout the world as we enter into the new world – free from evil!


Why do I need to pay to become Indexed?

Indexing had been free for 30 years. But now due to expansion of the Court, the expenses have greatly increased, as well as numerous global currently running programs and processes, which have been set up to save humanity as a whole, there is now a fee of $750.00 USD per individual or $1,500 per family which will be more than entirely returned to you after the global reset occurs.


Do I have to be Indexed?

YES!!! If you are not Indexed, you will not be realized and as such you will

not have access to your accounts and the funds for humanity! In the end, all people of the world will and must become identified and thus Indexed.

Examples of things that are Currently Indexed. (Click on this link  to see document)

What NOT to do once indexed.

If you  set up TRUST under the old system AFTER indexing, you place yourself back under that system of control you were removed from.  If you want to set up a trust under the Global Network, please call Shelley Bolling at 501-681-2386.

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