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Rise and Shine Beloved
Your Help is Needed!

Important Update
Now accepting donations using Stripe Payment Platform, allows for secure online donations accepting all forms of payment from all countries. 

For those of you wanting to assist others, please send your donations through PayPal to:


If you are listening to the conference calls you are hearing Dr. Henderson speak about the end for the New Beginning. We are there.

Just recently on the conference calls, you heard Dr. Henderson say that we all need to come together and do what is in our hands to do. We can no longer sit by the sidelines waiting for someone else to do what we can do.


Now as we are pressing forward quickly, our administrative costs have more than doubled as we have added new equipment, support systems, etc. to handle the massive increase of workload. Just for your information, this letter is going to everyone and not a specific individual. So, if you are receiving this and have been donating, thank you so much for your assistance. You have made the transition so much easier, and your help is deeply appreciated.

Everything that needed to be done to reset this planet back to Mankind and remove them from the global criminal control system, has already been done by Dr. Henderson and our Fiduciary. Now we just need the help from you all to complete what supplies, workspace and equipment is needed to go forward. Now that I have notified you as to how you can assist us, you have the ability to speed that up. So, I am asking you to help us by supporting these expanded expenses with your donations if it is in your heart to do so.


Not only the administrative costs, but Dr. Henderson has been traveling extensively for completion. If you were on the conference calls lately, you heard him say he does not have a big bank account. He gave everything he had 20 plus years ago to restore the planet. We cannot touch that trust. So, everything we have done has been through the help of a few faithful donors. Father YHWH has made provision for us to continue forward.


Therefore, we are asking if you will join with us for this final push by putting our donations together to assist both Dr. Henderson and the administrative costs.


We will send it to wherever you request it, either directly to Dr. Henderson or to the Network's administration.


We have two avenues to receive donations, and everything that goes through those avenues is strictly for those two areas of need. Nothing comes to us personally!

In closing I would like to say thank you in advance for joining with the Global Network for the restoration of Mankind and the systems of this planet so that we may all live freely and truly equally under our Creator YHWH/Allah.

Much peace and love, Shelley Bolling,


World Global Network Reset Restoration Network Family

Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights

*Of Note, we are NOT a Non-Profit/501(c)(3) organization, and thus, we DO NOT provide with Tax Deductible Receipts. All donations are coming from the heart of our World Global Network Reset Restoration Network Family Members.


If you have any questions regarding how to do a PayPal or CashApp Donation, Please Contact Shelley Bolling

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