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State of                ARKANSAS

County of            PULASKI

On this, the 2nd day of February, 2012, I, Shelley M. Bolling, the undersigned

notary, personally received a facsimile copy of the attached document form Dr. Hendo I. L. Henderson, personally known to be the person who sent via facsimile, the within instrument.


In witness whereof, I hereunto set my hand and official seal.

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This letter is to the World Court in the Netherlands

Title: "I Am Now Convinced"

I am now convinced, more than ever, that the World Court is just another of man's way of saying, "no justice."

For the past year, I have been met with disappointment after disappointment. I sent a letter of concern to the World Court, only to have it turned over to America, my country which remains in total control of hatred, inequality, unfairness, and most of all, Injustice.

Well, perhaps this letter will end up in their hands also. YHWH up in heaven only knows. If I may say, up above. YHWH has come down from heaven himself and the world still refuses to recognize Him. 

The only thing I can do is to ask Him to show Himself real. I know by doing this, it is going to set off a lot of major events in this world, but this world gives no choice. Perhaps you may be one who is reading this letter, and YHWH knows you should, because if you are, then you are one of those whom our father is speaking to. Go ahead, try to ignore this outcry, or better yet, try to deny this warning. This warning doesn't come from a man, but from YHWH.

For he says: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14.) Or perhaps you are one of those who Jeremiah was speaking to when he said: "Here this, O foolish people, without understanding, who have eyes and see not, and who have ears and hear not" (Jeremiah 5:12.) My Father, (YHWH,) His judgement is still just.

Go ahead and try to ignore all the cries for help from the small communities in your area, the hungry children in the midst of the cities, and to the homeless people around your doorsteps. Go ahead, I can hear Him now, saying to you that I (YHWH,) will rise up and break the very backbone of your nation's leaders. 

Now, up to this point, and for over two hundred and fifty years, we as people have been saying things are going to get better. I need to know, this day, this hour, this minute, this moment, when you are not dreamers, but you are great sleepers!

One day we will all wake up, for after that moment, we will never ever have to sleep again. You can see, can't you? That we are all in a state of sleeping. Surely you can see this, just by hearing the words out of the mouth of some of your youth. It is not hard to see or hear a young man compare beings in jail to his father lying on his deathbed. We have been and still are, in a state of sleep. How do we awaken to a new beginning? This giant we call sleep is going to destroy everything in its path, unless we find a way to control it.

It makes you wonder why we keep using these so-called great words like: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain alienable rights..." Sounds more like a nightmare than a dream. No, there is nothing wrong with your hearing! It's just that when we start talking about "life," it gets sticky knowing you live in a country where they really don't understand or care about the lives of others. At the same time, it bothers you to know that they also refuse to see that liberty is as dull as the paper it was written on all those years ago. And to claim, "the pursuit of happiness," is a big-time joke to the rich and powerful, as they have their dinners and late-night parties, the rest of the world sleeps.

Then they claim that we as a people can alter our government if it fails in its purpose, or that we may set up a new government. They go on to tell us that we have the right to overthrow a government that has committed many abuses, crimes and seeks complete control over the people. Why do they make this statement? Perhaps with all I have said above, surely you can understand why I am asking this question. With the world being in the state it is in now, you can begin to see that "King George III" was, and is, just a cover word for (races) white men overthrowing the people. The laws that have been set up, were set up to benefit only one race of people, and now they fight hard to keep them in place, knowing full well that if they changed, the world would and can be better. If you read or hear the message in this letter, pass the word on to someone or ones who can make a difference.

To reach the rest of the world, we must all talk, work, play, and live together. I understand each time I speak on a subject, I could go on forever, but that's not my point. It's just that we can't lose sight of the truth, for if we do, surely, we are doomed! Let's always seek YHWH first, and let Him lead us in the way, and then everything will turn out fine or may I just say, YHWH's will shall be done.

Now on the other hand, you have America, angry at a country like France, because they will not become an ally and go to war against another country they are trying to put into slavery. At the same time, France has given America more than you could know. Let's talk Freedom and Liberty. America, you gained your freedom from Great Britain with the help of France. France didn't stop there however, as they helped write your constitution when you received it. They gave you their Lady Liberty and gave you a sense of pride and respect. Now America, this is how you repay them by showing them anger and hostility?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised because of the way that you have treated all other men you have dealt with, considering your conduct with the Native American and the African American, Japanese, and Chinese, just to name a few, after their contribution to this country which you didn't build, nor did you discover - for you have sadly taken what you call control. This is the way our country, America, has chosen to deal with the people who have spent most of their lives making a democracy out of a stolen land.   

My dear countrymen, where will this all end up for us? We must come together as a people, or we will be doomed as freemen. Yes! We understand that we cannot survive half-free and half-slave. We also realize we cannot survive on the lie in which we live. America is giving us all the "blues," so we might as well "rap" about it. Where will this all lead us? I am not, and will not, be in agreement with this system because it is destructive in all means and by all means.


This thing we now live under, which we call government, is now a New World Order. This is an Order that we, the American's today didn't order, but it seems as if they are serving it to us as if it was a dish of steak, potatoes, corn and roll. this dish doesn't excite every American, and the people who are serving it must come to realize it. Maybe, just maybe, Edmund Burke would be very proud of this system, and you can surely believe that today's leaders would call Thomas Paine a true atheist, because of his belief in the Rights of Man. Well, perhaps to you, the rights of man don't mean a whole lot.

To men like El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X,) John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King. Jr., Mohandas K. Ghandi, and myself (Hendo I.L. Henderson,) just to name a few, this may mean life, liberty or death. But just maybe you and I are the next men who will not be locked up because of our beliefs. And just maybe, we will be able to say this without hearing the words plagiarism or the name Patrick Henry. For those of us who have studied history, understand that even Patrick Henry didn't have but one race in mind. he didn't even consider any such animal as the founding fathers at the time. So now we understand that when the people we've placed in charge, use statements like "We The People," they use these to confuse and divide us, ad to remain in power.



I know that with the writing of this letter, I will be faced with many hard roads ahead. Even some African Americans, who have been paid off, will speak out against what I am saying. That's fine with me because in the final stage here on earth and beyond, he will still be a slave to a never-ending hell. Hell is a place we are all familiar with, if you have ever been faced with a controlling source, or by the same token been involved with an overpowering individual who wanted to oppress you and hold you down at any cost. We do understand the cost of freedom, and that the stakes are high. The higher we raise the stakes, the more we cause the poor of this country to suffer. This thing called suffering is not only of the future, but it is a big part of our past. Americans just seem to be a people who just can't stop this thing known to all mankind as greed. Understand that greed can and will eat up the whole man, mind, body and soul. However way we look at it, the soul will be the final thing to be put to rest in the human being. 

This brings us back to the main reason for writing this letter, the human rights of man. We the people do thank YHWH for the three great parts of man. For the body, spirit and soul, knowing well that each must return to the place from which they came. The body back to the ground, the spirit goes back to God, who gave it, and the soul to either heaven or hell. The soul, I believe, will be determined on merit, and this is where we Americans fall short, for we are more connected with personal gain than with receiving merits for saving lives and souls.

The American people are some of the most misinformed people in the world. According to the congressional library, we need not pretend that all information is attainable through the system, found our system has placed limitations on information and who is able to access it. America is still up to its old tricks, which destroyed black Americans, and that is called lies and deceit. The men who call themselves running America have never, and will never, release the truth to the people. For we the people know that once the truth gets out, their jobs and positions will be gone that very moment.

So, here I am at the mercy of the World Court, writing this letter to you, praying that you'll do the job the people of the world have placed you there to do. I am asking you to help my family, and all those families that have had their possessions stolen by America, restored.

Is it so? Are the gavels you wield in your hands, as America says, they have no power, or do they? They say the black robes you wear have no underwear or is this just another of their ways to prevent the people from receiving justice, if so, then be swift to move on these matters.

Dr. H I am COnvinced.png

As for my country in which I live, they must come to see that they are in deep opposition to what YHWH is doing for the New World. They must understand that the book of Obadiah has told their story to the world, and as a whole, this shall be the final outcome. May whomever you are to read this letter of concern, understand that YHWH Almighty is still on the throne.

Now to close this letter is a sad moment for myself, but I pray it will open the eyes of the world at-large. Thank you for taking this time YHWH has given you to use in reading this letter and see what is being presented. May YHWH forever be your guide and keep you in his care.


Your fraternity in YHWH. 

Dr. H I am COnvinced.png
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